• -Experienced and motivated sales team covering all regions
  • -Innovative sales strategies
  • -Expert knowledge of the local market
  • -Regular meetings & performance reviews


  • -Continuous raise of airline awareness in the market
  • -Creative and imaginative mail shots to extensive databases of freight forwarders
  • -Regular corporate and promotional events
  • -Cargo product and Airline brand development

Operations & Customer Service

  • -Efficient and experienced cargo operations staff
  • -Full working knowledge of special cargo requirements
  • -State of the art technology and booking systems
  • -High standard of customer service
  • -24/7 Duty Managers

Finance & Administration

  • -All supplier and airline invoices centrally controlled
  • -Punctual and accurate payments on agreed dates
  • -Claims and correspondence dealt with promptly and according to airline procedures
  • -Financially sound organisation